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(up to September 2019)


10am to 12pm - Manic Monday (with Eve Fullard and Russ Litten)

12pm to 7pm - WHFM Music

7pm to 8pm - The Vintage Sing Up (with Ruth Getz and guests)

8pm to 9pm - WHFM Music

10pm to midnight - Totally 80's (with Tony Sweeney)


10am to 12pm - Listening Club (with Rich Stephenson)

12pm to 2pm - HU Live! Arts & Culture Show (with Russ Litten)

2pm to 6pm - WHFM Music

6pm to 7pm - Cine Talk (with Adam Brannan)

7pm to 8pm - Combat Club (with Trent and Stu)

8pm to 10pm - Loud & Proud (with Hannah Zed and guests)



10am to 12pm - Scratch The Surface (with Ann Asquith)

1pm to 2pm - Craftin' Hull (with Miranda Van Rossum)

2pm to 4pm - Afternoon Show (with James Bowers)

6pm to 7pm - Two Guys Talk (with Edd and Martin)

7pm to 8pm - Five & Last Rugby League Show (with Steve and Fin Taylor)

8pm to 10pm - WHFM Music

10pm to 11pm - Unsung Heroes (with Phil Codling)



11am to 12pm - Mum's The Word (with Eve Fullard)

12pm to 1pm - The Comedy Show (with Rich Long and guests)

1pm to 8pm - WHFM Music

8pm to 10pm - Full Flava Connection (with DJ Redlocz)

10pm through the night - WHFM Music


Music All Morning

2pm to 3pm - Talk About The Passion (occasional show)

3pm to 5pm - Loud & Proud (repeat)

5pm to 6pm - Lyn Acton's Train of Thought

6pm to 7pm - The Kingston Massive (with Earl n' Tyla)

7pm to 8pm - Portrait of the Artist (occasional show)

10pm to 12am - Totally 80's (repeat)


10am to 11pm - The Muse at Ten (with Caroline Ullyart)

11am to 6pm - WHFM Music

6pm to 8pm - Island Folk (with Andy Basset-Scott)

8pm to 10pm - Full Flava Connection (with DJ Redlocz)

10am to 11am - Pay It Forward (with Ann Asquith)

1pm to 2pm - Elsie & Jasmine's Funtime Hierarchies

3pm to 5pm - Afternoon Show (with James Bowers)

6pm to 7pm - The Democracy Show (with James Bowers)

7pm to 8pm - The Alternative Hour (with Rebecca Hannant)

8pm to 10pm - Totally 80's (with Tony Sweeney)

10pm to 11pm - Purple Worm


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